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How to make an impressive (ads) advert on OLS.CO.KE

How to make an impressive (ads) advert on OLS.CO.KE OLS.CO.KE is one of the top classified ads marketplace in Kenya, it has a unique feature that makes easy for all users to comfortably transact. An impressive advert attracts attention and thus mean more visibility and more buyers. is the perfect platform to help sell […] Read More

How to Shop Safely Online

How to Shop Safely Online

Sell and Buy on at your convenience Read More

Books Printing Services in Nairobi

Books Printing Services in Nairobi

Kenya is one of the countries in east Africa that has the top books printing companies. During my stay in Kenya , Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda and south Sudan, I realized it was easier to get your books printed in Kenya compared to others East Africa countries. Printing companies in Kenya are well vast with book […] Read More

The Secret of Bookmakers’ Bonuses and Promotions to Attract Mass Gambling.

Betting companies offer various bonuses and promotions to deliver their services to attract customers to join them due to their services. There is a lot of competition and innovation in providing bonuses and various promotions to all betting companies; this adds motivation to their players while expanding the scope of finding new customers every day […] Read More

The next top classified ads in Kenya 2020.

The next top classified ads in Kenya 2020.

The next top classified ads in Kenya. is the next big thing into top classified ads in Kenya.  True be told unlike a number of other classified sites in Kenya, it is well organized, user friendly, and well marketing website. is a few months old but already has attracted a number of sellers […] Read More

How to Post an ads on quick

Post an ads on Here is the simple step on how to post an ads on classified ads. Sell your items on for free.check the video below. post ads on on everything you are selling or promoting, sell cars, sell land,houses, apartment , business,books,printing services among others. posting on give […] Read More

Listed 1000 Companies in free Business Directory

free business directory free Business directory is among the leading business directory in Kenya and top provider of lists of suppliers in Kenya. OLS Business Directory is a leading FREE online business listing directory in Kenya. The directory has been at forefront in bringing suppliers and buyer together. list your business on the top ols […] Read More

Best Selling Television Brands in Kenya

Best Selling Television Brands in Kenya When you have made a decision to buy a TV for your home or business, the brand matters most. In Kenya, there are over 20 TV brands to choose from but only a few join the list of best TV brands in Kenya. I have decided rank the bestselling […] Read More

Properties and Cars Marketplace in Kenya

Properties and Cars marketplace in Kenya Real estate, properties and car industries contribute largely to the Kenyan economic GDP and economy at large. There a number of houses, plots, lands, bungalows, mansions, flat and cars ownership exchanging hands daily. In this regard, A conducive environment should be provided for the business in the industries to […] Read More

8 Types of Banned Sanitizers in Kenya

Banned Sanitizers in Kenya by KEBS. In statement issued by Kenya Burea of standard (KEBS) late today. Indicates that, they have withdrawn 8 sanitizer brands from the market since they fail the quality test. The list of the banned sanitizers in Kenya includes: Alphax sanitizer, manufactured by Kings Palace Clean Essentials by Virtuelle Products Limited […] Read More

Best Selling Smartphones in Kenya 2020

This article aims to discus Best Selling Smartphones Ever imagined buying a smartphone and you don’t even know which smartphone brand will give you the best experience and has great features you can expect from a smartphone. Join me as I take a look at some of the best brands around the streets Kenya’s Capital […] Read More

Top Manufacturers and Suppliers of Face Masks in Kenya

Manufacturers and Suppliers of Masks in Kenya Due to the pandemic caused by corona virus, we have seen up-rise of manufacturers and suppliers of masks in Kenya. Face masks has been a common item among the tea factory workers, medical personnel, carpenters, mechanics and painters until recently. The emergence of corona virus has seen face […] Read More