How much is printing per page in Kenya?

The cost of printing per page in Kenya vary from one printing company to another depending on the type of printers they, the type of paper and gsm and indeed the volume of the prints.

a person may enjoy lower printing cost per page on bulky printing and slight higher on print on demand.

an average printing price per page are ;

i) Black and white ( bulky printing ) Khs 3.5 – 6 per page

ii) Black and white afew copies Ksh 10 – 15 per page

iii) colored ( bulky color prints) ksh 10 – 15

iv) color afew pages ksh 15- 35 per page

Above is only a guiding cost but not actual pricing. This may aid you in doing your printing per page estimate and costings. To get accurate pricing per page Contact respective printing companies in Kenya.

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