Buying Tips on

Buying on is quick easy, any user with computer and smart phone would find this platform very easy to use it to buy items. Here are tips on how to easily buy on

1. Identify the item

Use the Search box to filters and search the item you use to buy on the platform.  There might be a number of sellers, compare and choose wisely what matches your expectations.

2. Call or Email the Sellers

The platform provides 2 way in which you can reach the sellers

a) through calling her cell phone

b) sending email through the contact box provides.

Get clarification on the prices, warranty, condition and delivery costs of the item among other concerns about the posted ads. At this stage negotiate prices with the seller.

3. Buy the item

Once you have identified the seller and products which matches your expatiation and needs., and agreed on the prices. It is time for you to pick up the item or get it delivered to your place.

If you agree to meet up at a venue, ensure it is a public place and SAFE.

Avoid making payment when you haven’t seen the item physical or received. There is a number of con people on online selling platform. Avoid carrying cash if the item requires bulky payment, instead adopt Mpesa, bank transfer among other safer ways.


Lastly share you experience with the seller. The feedback are vital to assist other buyers and recommending trustworthy sellers, and on other hands, identifying rogue users in the platform.

Hurrah, enjoy buying and shopping items at