Campaign Posters Printing

Campaign Posters Printing

The election period is here with us and are you looking for campaign posters? if your answer is yes. then this article is for you.

Campaign Posters plays a vital role in creating publicity when comes to election and thus poster printing has been part and parcel of the Kenya election. Posters are printed on gloss or matte art paper and key features of campaign posters is :

  • Posters have the aspirant name
  • The poster had part name/ slogan and Logo
  • The campaign posters have the position being vied for by aspirant
  • The spirant image is key as well for identification purposes and putting the face to the aspirant.

Campaign poster sizes – The campaign posters can be printed on different sizes sizes from a4, a3, a2, and A1, however, the most common poster sizes are A3 and A2 this is due to the fact that they are big enough to display at a a distance.

poster Prices may vary depending on sizes, quantities and the poster printing company.

Posters printing company

Inkpaste Printers and stationers is a top poster printing company, if you are looking for a reliable and trusted poster printing company in Kenya then consider Inkpaste printers.

Order your posters by contacting below

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