How to Shop Safely Online

How to Shop Safely Online

In this century, a number of individuals and business shop and procure online. Buying and selling online has becoming norm to many people globally because it saves time and causes convenience. As a result of this, the online fraudsters, cons and thieves have invaded the space disguising as ether buyer or seller. Moreover, other online cons use online selling platforms to steal financial/ banking details. In this regard, here are shopping tips to enable you shop safety at any online store.

Online shopping safety tips

Here are easy ways to shop safely on online websites and platforms like OLS.CO.KE.

  • Research on the vendor, website or online platform to a certain the authenticity.
  • Ensure the website or platform is secure.
  • Check relevant policy of the websites e.g. return policy, refund policy etc.
  • As a user ensure you use Strong PASSWORD for your online accounts. Don’t use obvious password like 12345…. or month of birth.
  • Try and avoid using public WIFI internet especially when you intend to use online payment.

Your mobile data my be more use to use.

  • Pay your online bought items using the safe paying method, e.g. visa, Mastercard, PayPal, Skrill, Mpesa etc. In addition, be wise on all deal and offers on online marketplaces. Stay alert and often when the deal is too good to be true, it always untrue. Abnormal offer should raise your suspension.

How to know a secure online shopping website.

It is fundamental have trust with the site you dealing with, there checking the security and safety measure is vital. That way, when you use payment methods like Card (visa/Mastercard) you don’t have to worry about your financial details getting to the wring hands. Therefore, here is how to know the secure online shopping platform.

Note: something when the site us not secure nit is not that the developer is dishonest, sometimes they may by pass with a reason or they are in the process of securing the site.

Padlock Sign at the Tab – The padlock symbols at the website near the address is an indication the website is secure.

Website address and links – The secure shopping marketplace or website links should have a https://. (S) IS there to denote secure.

Some of the browser the website address turns green, that an indication of a secure website.

Finally, a censure website should have a Valid certificate, this is link with padlock locked is sign it has the security certificate.

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