How to make an impressive (ads) advert on OLS.CO.KE

How to make an impressive (ads) advert on OLS.CO.KE

OLS.CO.KE is one of the top classified ads marketplace in Kenya, it has a unique feature that makes easy for all users to comfortably transact.

An impressive advert attracts attention and thus mean more visibility and more buyers. is the perfect platform to help sell items for free and indeed aid you grow your business. Who doesn’t like free marketing anyway?

Here is the simple way to make that advert Bring sales leads to you.

– Write all relevant information and details about your ads. Void making one sentence or two for a product description. Modern buyers need more detail. These details may include, making clear images of the products, and well laid out description.

– Secondly, respond to buyers’ inquiries sooner, most online buyers want to make quick decision based on sellers’ feedback. Answering the seller’s questions quickly will always be an edge to your product marketing on This is possible if are online more often or keep connected all the time.

– Thirdly, you may consider having featured ads for your products. The featured or promoted ads allows you to reach more platform users since your ads becomes more visible than the rest.

– Lastly, ensure you have your details listing on the business directory. This is quick important to buyers who want more details information about your business and organization.

When you have the paid ads it 20x more visible and get more attention. Enjoy selling, buying and promoting your business at

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