Leading Supermarkets in Kenya 2020

Leading Supermarkets in Kenya 2020

Top Supermarkets in Kenya….For the last 7 years, supermarkets have been on the rise in Kenya. This trend has massively been witnessed among the urban areas in Kenya. Almost every town in the country has two or more supermarkets. This has really encouraged more investors to invest in supermarkets and malls. Have you ever wondered why people love supermarkets than retail shops? Well, supermarkets have more advantages than retail shops.

Supermarkets have varieties of items under one roof and this makes shopping at the supermarket even easier. Despite the emergence of many supermarkets in Kenya, it is vividly clear that some supermarkets still remain on the top of the chart countrywide.

List of supermarkets in Kenya

These top supermarkets are Tuskys, Naivas and ShopRite among others. They’ve managed to open branches in almost every town in the country and this has really kept them going. Tuskys and Naivas always have offers and promotions running throughout the year. News about their daily promotions and offers has always kept their customers on their tip.

These supermarkets conduct huge sales regardless of time of the year, whether off peak or peak periods, people always flock these top supermarkets for their shopping. Parents and students are always seen flooding these supermarkets in January, May and September during the usual back to school moments. December too witnesses massive sales in these supermarkets as many people do bulk shopping. Even those travelling to the countryside do their shopping at these supermarkets before heading back on their journey. This has a very positive impact on the economy.

Advantages of shopping on Top supermarkets in Kenya

These supermarkets have an advantage of operating on a 24-hour basis due to their good lighting system and tight security, this means that people can shop at their own convenient time. Long distance travelers also stop in between their trips to shop for snacks and other particulars. They’ve also gone as far as introducing the much-loved online shopping. You no longer have to travel to their premises for shopping, just order and your goods will be delivered to you in no time.

Their courier services are reliable and convenient. Another advantage of these supermarkets is their wide range of payment modes. While retail shops widely accept the cash mode of payment, they accept all types of payment such as credit cards, mobile money payment, cheques and many more. They’ve also introduced installment payment, where you can purchase items like fridges, televisions and other electronics on instalment basis. Of course, this is an added advantage to boosting sales. These supermarkets also have a customer care desk which help in boosting the confidence of the buyer.

But as the saying goes, all that glitters are not gold. These supermarkets tend to hike prices during peak periods like December. This is exploiting their poor buyers. These supermarkets are also prone to terrorism as terrorists tend to attack highly flooded places like malls and supermarkets. These supermarkets have also experienced attacks by protestors during post- election violence. They’ve also faced corruption and mismanagement issues. An example is the well-known

Nakumatt supermarket. It used to be the top most supermarket in the 90s till its downfall in the recent years. Lastly, these supermarkets face competitions from other rising supermarkets and to survive at the top of the list they have to be on their toes always.

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