The Secret of Bookmakers’ Bonuses and Promotions to Attract Mass Gambling.

Betting companies offer various bonuses and promotions to deliver their services to attract customers to join them due to their services. There is a lot of competition and innovation in providing bonuses and various promotions to all betting companies; this adds motivation to their players while expanding the scope of finding new customers every day who are interested in such promotions.

There are many promotions and bonuses from many betting companies; some of these bonuses are similar, and others vary depending on the creativity of the respective company. Today we will look at some of the various promotions and bonuses offered by betting companies like betway Kenya, 22BET, and MelBet Kenya to attract more customers to bet. Let’s see the secret of the bookmakers on their bonuses and promotions to attract mass gambling as follows;

  1. Welcome bonus;

This is the bonus given for new customers registered in the specific company; when you are joining for the first time, the company gives you a welcome bonus with different criteria; for example, the first deposit will provide to you 50% bonus of your stake or a free bet ticket.

  1. Friend invitation bonus;

This bonus is given when a customer invites his/her friend to join the betting company he used to; the company provides a sharing link to you, then you will share that link to your friends on social media, i.e., WhatsApp, Facebook, Telegram, etc. If your friend joins your shared link, you will be given a commission bonus as a friend invitation.

  1. Bonus of losing multiple bets frequently;

Some companies provide a bonus to their customers who are losing bets in a series of frequent times. For instance, if the customer loses 10 bets, the company gives free bets to him/her, so this bonus motivates a customer to be in touch with the company because he feels he cares and is treated as a loyal customer.

  1. Multibet win bonus;

Betting companies like betway Kenya give a winning boost bonus on the Multi Bet slip when a customer makes a bet slip with many teams at least from 5 matches and so on. Multibet win bonus has boosted your potential winning of the bet whereby this bonus impresses and motivates many gamblers to enjoy their winning again and again.

  1. Weekly promotions;

Other betting companies provide cashback every Monday or choosing one day every week; if you haven’t had any luck throughout the week, they will cash back at least 10% back of a weekly loss.

  1. Cash Out/Turbo ticket;

This is one of the most popular promotions in betting right now because it seems to be a very useful and favorable trick for bettors. Cash-out is a process of allowing you to get money back on your bet, at less or more than your initial stake but less than your total potential return before the event you are betting on is over.

Those are some of the promotions and bonuses that betting companies use as the best way to attract more players to gamble. Not only that, but various promotions have enabled these companies to advertise themselves and become bigger/popular and better known in the community and also to engage in multiple community rehabilitation services such as providing various grants, giving back to the community, sponsoring football clubs, and earning government revenue by paying taxes.

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