Paper Industry in Kenya

Paper Industry in Kenya

Paper Industry in Kenya

Kenya is one of the vigorous countries in the East Africa region. In fact, according to many, Kenya the Overseas of the East Africa. One of the aspects that makes Kenya a business hub in Africa is the fact that it has active Port which serve itself and neighboring countries like Tanzania, Rwanda, Uganda among others. Paper business, is one of the thriving activities by Kenya traders, this is due to the fact that 90 percent of business still in one way or another uses paper and this business has also been support by a huge number of branding and printing companies in Kenya.

Kenya imports a lot of it printing papers from China, Egypt, Sweden, Cyprus, Indian and other countries as well. However, the huge volume comes from China.

Type of papers used in Kenya

Photocopy papers are commonly used paper by corporate and offices. The copy papers are used for normal office document prints and copy services. Other papers which are used in Kenya include, bond papers, Ncr papers or self-carbonated papers, manillas papers, duplex board, white lined chipboard, label papers, self-adhesive papers, art papers and art board (glossy and matte), duplicate papers, woodree papers, brown kraft, newsprint papers, ivory boards, recycled papers, ammonia papers, bank papers among other offset printing papers.

Heavy grams papers are used for items like post cards, business cards, seasonal cards, folders, paper files, wedding cards among others accessories. Paper boards like ivory board 200-300 gsm, embossed papers, brown kraft, manilla among others.

Photocopy papers

Photocopy papers, which are also know as copy papers or locally printing papers are widely used type of papers. Copy papers are available on assorted colors and sizes, however, the most commonly used is white paper and a4 size and to large extent A3 size.

Photocopy papers is a cutting from reels of bond paper, which is often 75 gsm,80gsm or 90 gsm. 80gms grams is the most referred ones as it runs smoothly into locally available printers and photocopy machines.

There are a number of photocopy paper brands which are available in Kenya market, this include among others: e paper, jk, top copy,hp, mondi, paperline, paper one, double aa, a one, chamex, bright copy etc.

Cost of photocopy papers in Kenya

The cost of a ream of copy paper in Kenya may vary from time to time. This is because of two major factors, one, demand and two, importation cost and transport. However, an average of Ksh 280 – 320 on wholesale and around Ksh 340 – 400 retail.

If you wish to buy copy papers in Kenya, you may consider checking the classified ads at OLS.CO.KE.

 Where do I buy Photocopy papers in Kenya?

There is a number of places you can buy copy papers in Kenya. This is because, a lot of stationers and bookshop do stock the papers are spread in all corners.

You may consider browsing the OLS FREE BUSINESS DIRECORY for the list of photocopy papers sellers in Kenya

In summary: most of the papers in Kenya are used for document printing and copy services, offset printing, paper bags manufacturing, packaging and labelling.

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