Losers and Gainers of Corona Virus in Kenya

Losers and Gainers of Corona Virus in Kenya

The Corona virus has brought huge interpret to businesses and into our routines. Many companies, business and vendors has closed down as a result of controlling the spread of the Covid -19 virus, and this comes with great repercussions to economy, individuals earning and even families.

In Kenya for instance, school have closed, hotel and bar have closed, movement of people have been limited by cessation and transportation industries has been impacted greatly. However, in such scenarios, there is always gainers and losers. Although it might not be huge gainers but the pandemic may be a plus to their activities.

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Big Loser of the corona virus in Kenya

Poultry farmers – with close of the hotel in Kenya, poultry farmers have been on the loosing ends. Hundreds of poultry farmers supply chickens and eggs to a number of hotels in the country. with the closure of the hotel many farmers are stuck with mature chicken ready sales and huge number of eggs trays.  This has seen a number of poultry farmers drop the prices drastically as to push the product TO individuals and domestic users. 

Hotel and bars – The bar owners and the hotel owners also have felt the pinch of the corona virus.  In the process of curbing the Covid 19 the hotel and bars were shut down by government to encourage social distancing

Transport – The industry, which is also known as matatu industry in Kenya are big losers on this pandemic. In the process of practicing social distancing the are force to carry less people in the vehicles which slightly maintain the same coat or slightly higher. This has seen many grounds their cars as it is not economical to run them. More offer the restriction of movement has made the things worse on the transportation industry in Kenya.

Employee and Sme business – a number of organization and business enterprises have halted operation and thus having to sack a number of its employee. Some of the employee have been forced to take pay cut or undergo unpaid leave.

Big Gainers of the COVID -19

While there is a serious problem facing the world, this pandemic has brough gain to others. Here are some of the gainers of this corona virus.

Chemists and Hospitals – With fear of corona virus most people have avoided going to public hospital and this has given a lot of business opportunities to chemist in estate to make money and private hospitals. Moreover, some private hospital is not rest in the testing for Covid 19, where is believed the charging about ksh 10,000 per test.

Food vendors – Food sellers, especially those selling groceries and cereal have made a killing during this pandemic period. With many people in the house and fear of lockdown, has seen a number of the them stock cereal and groceries in the houses which has in turn provides revenue to the sellers. Moreover, the food vendors who have being operating on take way basis have also made during this time.

Mask and sanitizer sellers – The covid 19 pandemic have made the demand for mask and sanitizers go up. In return the manufacture of 3ply masks, N95 MASK and others homemade mask has taken the opportunity. The sanitizers manufactured and business people have also made a lot money during this pandemic time in Kenya. The demand has forced many tailors to venture in mask making activities and small traders sell d=hand sanitizers to many Kenyans in need.

Other people who have benefited during this time include Couriers companies, riders, Ecommerce and online shop and indeed media houses who have enjoyed he viewership due to many people being at home these times.

Finally, during this time of pandemic stay safe, wash hand and sanitize, avoid unnecessary move and you can sell or buy items though OLS.CO.KE

Both Losers and Gainers of Corona Virus in Kenya we shall all overcome.

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