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8 Types of Banned Sanitizers in Kenya

Banned Sanitizers in Kenya by KEBS.

In statement issued by Kenya Burea of standard (KEBS) late today. Indicates that, they have withdrawn 8 sanitizer brands from the market since they fail the quality test.

The list of the banned sanitizers in Kenya includes:

  • Alphax sanitizer, manufactured by Kings Palace
  • Clean Essentials by Virtuelle Products Limited
  • G&L sanitizer, the product of Orange Pharma
  • Gentle Care sanitizer by Bidco Africa company
  • Lili sanitizers by Kenbrands International Company
  • Msiri sanitizers products of Mafleva International Ltd
  • Sanitizers by the name Shi shi Natural
  • Spotless Advanced sanitizers by Havana East Africa Trading

Consumers should stay on the lookout on this sanitizer. Stay safe, Corona virus is real.

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