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What are the different types of heart surgeries?




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Depending on the diseases different types of surgeries are provided, these surgeries are decided based on the diagnosis mentioned in the blog. It is very important to get the right and proper treatment as soon as possible.

Heart valve repair or replacement

Surgeons either repair the valve or sometimes replace it with an artificial valve or with a biological valve made from pig, cow, or human heart tissue. One repair option is to insert a catheter through a large blood vessel then guide it to the heart, and inflate and deflate a small balloon at the tip of the catheter to widen a narrow valve.

Coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG)

In CABG the most common type of heart surgery the specialist takes a healthy artery or vein from any part of the body and connects it to supply blood past the blocked coronary artery. The grafted artery or vein bypasses the blocked portion of the coronary artery, creating a new path for the flow of blood to the heart muscle. This is usually done for more than one coronary artery during the same surgery.

Insertion of an implantable cardioverter defibrillator (ICD)

If medication does not work, a surgeon might implant a pacemaker under the chest or abdomen’s skin, with wires connecting it to the heart chambers. The device uses electrical pulses to control the heart rhythm with the help of a sensor that detects that it is abnormal.

Aneurysm repair

A section of the artery or heart wall is replaced with a graft to repair a balloon-like bulge in the artery or wall of the heart muscle.

Heart transplant

During this surgery, a diseased heart is replaced with a healthy heart from a deceased donor.

Maze surgery

The doctor creates a pattern of scar tissue within the upper chambers of the heart to redirect electrical signals along a controlled path to the lower heart chambers. This surgery blocks the stray electrical signals that cause atrial fibrillation the most common type of serious arrhythmia.

Insertion of a ventricular assist device (VAD)

A VAD is a mechanical pump that promotes blood flow and heart function.



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