Top 10 Media Houses in Kenya

Top 10 Media Houses in Kenya

Top Ten Media Houses in Kenya

Media houses are undisputedly the fastest and more reliable way to send and receive messages in Kenya. With electricity being installed all over the country, it has become more easier for even those in rural to access televisions and radio. Those who can’t access electricity have resolved to using solar panels to power their homes. This has witnessed the growth of many media houses in Kenya.

The following are top media houses that have experienced immense growth in Kenya

  1. Citizen TV

This is a television station owned by Roya Media Services, it was started in 1999 and later launched in 2006. It airs programmes in both Kiswahili and English and mainly focuses on local programmes. Their programmes varies from Comedy, Reality Show, Soap Operas, Live News and Live Entertainment shows like the much loved ten over ten. Citizen television has extended its branches all over East Africa. Royal Media Services, the parent company of Citizen TV has more than 10 branches of Radio Station with many of them being vernacular radio station.

Kenya Television Network is a media house that was established in 1990 by the one  Jared Kangwana under the name Standard Group Centre.

It airs in both Kiswahili and English. Their programmes ranges from children’s programme, dramas, soap operas, comedy, talk shows, live entertainment. It is one of the Kenya’s most loved station due to its inspiration programmes and biblical stories. It has experienced immense growth that led to introduction of sister television channels such as KTN Burudani, KTN Farmers and an all-time news channel KTN News. Standard Group boasts of Standard Newspaper, Radio Maisha as subsidiary media outlet.

It is a Kenyan general entertainment channel, airing programmes in both Kiswahili and English. It started its operation in 2005 and became popular due to its many comic and entertainment programmes like Churchill Show and Anti Boss. Operating under Nation Media Group, it has a sister media outlet such as Milele FM and Daily Nation Newspaper.

  • KBC (Kenya Broadcasting Corporation)

It is a state-run media corporation; it has been in existence since 1928 when Kenya was still a British (operating under the name Voice of Kenya) colony. KBC used to be the mouthpiece of the government during the reign of the late President Daniel Moi. KBC was popular in the country until 1990 when KTN broke its monopoly.

  • K24

Established in 2007; it was launched in 2008. It is powered by Mediamax Network, K24 happens to be one of the fastest growing media houses in Kenya. It has sister radio stations like Kameme, Meru and Msenangu.

  • Switch TV

This is an influential TV channel, for educating and empowering the youth on how to solve humanitarian challenges. It has therefore been generally classified as a youth station. Switch TV is fully owned by Kenya Redcross and is considered one of the fasted rising television stations since its launch in 2018.

  • Maisha Magic East

The station normally showcases lifestyle and entertainment content. It airs mainly in Kenyan Swahili and Sheng. Its undoubtedly the fastest growing stations. It owned by Mnet Africa.

  • Kiss TV

Kiss TV mainly broadcasts music and African movies, they also broadcast sports like German Bundesliga and English Premier League. It started out locally but has now gone international. If you’re looking for an entertainment channel, then Kiss TV is your number one option

  • Ebru TV

It is a Kenyan station that is majority-owned subsidiary of Samanyolu Broadcasting Company with headquarters in the United States. It was launched in Kenya in 2006. It mainly airs its programmes in English and focuses mostly on lifestyle and entertainment.

  1. Family TV

It was launched in Kenya in 1999 and was designed mainly to reach out to Christians in the country. It is the fastest growing Christian station in Kenya and has extended its branches to East and Central Africa.

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