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Challenges Facing the world – Covid-19

Challenges Facing the world – Covid-19

Challenges Facing the world – Covid-19

During this period the world is going through a lot of challenges which presented by corona virus which is also referred to as Covid -19.

All over the World, we have experienced job losses, businesses closing down, normal life disruption and indeed people experiencing hard times experienced has an impact of the corona virus.

Generally all this pandemic will have great implication on countries’ economy and the future is uncertain. we have seen most airline industry shutting down, transport globally coming to a halt,hotel doing on a take away services and people having to stay at home and limit movement.This is indeed contrary from the norm and it our believe that it will end soon.

At OLS.CO.KE we pray for everybody where he is and pray God blessing as we fight this pandemic. We encourage you to stay safe and shop more online from our platform.

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