Available Copy papers Brands in Kenya

Available Copy papers Brands in Kenya

Copy papers Brands in Kenya

Most of the schools in Kenya, universities, colleges, companies, offices and others institution use A4 copy papers than any other papers in Kenya. Photocopy papers are used for several reason in Kenyan market, this in turn makes the demands for the paper extremely high.

Uses of A4 copy papers in Kenya

Copy papers has several used in Kenya and the use may vary from one organization to another depending on the organization. Here some of the common uses of A4,80gsm printing papers:

  • Used for photocopy services, mostly A4 and A3 size ,80gsm white copy papers
  • Used by office for transactional and procurement process e.g invoice printing etc
  • Used by printing company in Kenya to print stationary like letter heads, complimentary slip, form etc
  • Used in school and institution to write exams among others uses.

Copy papers brands

Here is the list of available copy papers brands available in Kenya market.  Local majority refer to copy papers as ‘printing A4 papers”

A one papers, Mondi papers, e paper, paper line brand copy papers, hp brands, easy copy, Bright paper, paper one, double AA, GOLD, Chamex, purpose papers among others. Most of the copy papers specifications include: A4 size copy papers, 80 – 100% wood pulp, Sizes: A4 – A3 or 8.5″x11″,11*17” inches, 70 – 90 sm, compatible with inkjet, laser, fax.

You may wish to browse the OLS BUSINESS DIRECTORY for list of copy Papers suppliers in Kenya

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