Rich in healthy Proteins
Health experts say Omena or small dried fish have been proven to possess a higher protein content compared to similar amounts of goat, beef or even chicken meat.
Source of calcium
Robust and excellent source of calcium which is found in the bones. The fact that Omena is consumed whole means that people get all the calcium in the fish. Nutritionists indicate that Omena can supply up to 170% of the daily intake requirement of calcium for the human body. This coupled with phosphorous is instrumental in the development of teeth and strong bones. This is why it is best recommended for growing children who are still developing as well as expectant women.
Omena is also rich in vitamin D which is great for the absorption of phosphorous and calcium. Recent research has revealed that the lack of vitamin D could be associated with some form of diabetes and cancers. Taking omena regularly could very well save you from some chronic diseases and guarantee you a healthy and long life.
Omena is rich in nutrients yet it has no baggage of unnecessary calories.
Simple Recipe
150 g Omena (wet), 1 onion, chopped,4 tomatoes,1 chopped hoho, Oil for cooking, 1 pinch salt
1. Sort the omena. Heat oil in a frying pan. Then add omena
2. Fry till golden brown and a bit crunchy but not burnt.
3. Add onions then cook till ready
4. Add tomatoes, salt and hoho
5. Mix then cover for the tomatoes to soften.
6. Serve with Ugali

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