High Demand for Face Mask in Kenya And Globally

High Demand for Face Mask in Kenya And Globally

Demand for Face Mask in Kenya

It is in public domain, that Most of the countries are in fight with covid-19 or well known as corona virus. The virus has disrupted our daily lives and its impact is being felt over the world.  Kenyan government on other hand is struggling to contain the virus from spreading and has a measure they ordered every Kenyan citizen should wear mask in public places. This include wearing face mask on public transport vehicles, town and cities, to the mall, markets and whole sale super market among other public places.

As a result of third order, the demand for mask as seen increase in Kenya drastically. This has made a number of local manufactured to shift gears and start making face masks, local tailors and individuals have also adopted the same in the villages, homes and small town to have the share of the demand.

Types of Face Mask

There is different type of mask available local in Kenya market, however, not all them can help in preventing COVID 19 OR corona virus. This type of face masks that can be used to prevent corona virus includes.

Cloth face masksThis are natively or homemade face mask. This are locally made in Kenya by tailors among other individuals who have ventures into making them. This type of mask seems to be the majority in Kenya market because they are affordable and available allover the estates. But many questions have been raised concerning the material used, safety of the mask and the hawking of the same.

If the home-made face mask meets the KEBS specification and handle in hygiene manner by the vendor then they are safe to use.

Advantages of home-made mask is that can be re-used, if washed well with soap or sanitized after using it. This process should handle careful, otherwise will expose the user and others to Covid 19.

Surgical mask These are also common type of mask available in to Kenya market. This are well manufactured mask and which ability to offer an average protection.

Most of them they meet the 3ly ply standard and are well packed and sold by shops, chemist among other organized institutions.

They are a bit costly and they cannot be re-used. Once used should be disposed.

N95 respiratorThis are type of mask that offer optimum protection against Covid 19. This type of masks is scarce and the deficit is felt by many countries fighting the virus globally, as a result, during this pandemic period this type of mask are left for our doctors and frontline soldiers. They are recommended for personnel handling the affected persons. This type of mask may be uncomfortable because the are slightly heavy and the user may experience difficulties in breaking while using for long time.

World Health Organization (WHO) advises the mass to let the N95 mask be used by doctors alone. Otherwise the frontline will have nothing to use if everybody buys the n95 respirators.

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