Best 4 Sanitizers in Kenya Market

Best 4 Sanitizers in Kenya Market

Best 4 Sanitizers in Kenya Market

Sanitizer is a liquid which is used to kill germs. It believed that with 70% of alcohol content can kill germs e.g. corona virus on surfaces and skin. To sanitize is to clean by removing the dirt or destroying the germs on something completely.

Best 4 Sanitizers Brands in Kenya Markets

There are different brands of this product in the market. For example, there is sepit, tropical, detol and diarim. The prices also range from one fifty shillings to even three thousand shillings depending on the type of brand and their sizes.

They are packed in different quantities from the smallest to the largest in different sizes of the bottles. It is also applied in a very small quantity on the surface or skin to destroy all the germs instantly.

Sanitizers have different types of colors, some are colorless and some are bluish

So, in Kenya if you want to use the best sanitizers, use the one with alcohol based for the best result.

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